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BATTLEFIELD 1 / 05.06.2016

Battlefield 1 is releasing worldwide on October 21, 2016
for Xbox One, Origin on PC, and PlayStation 4

[Image: rendition1.img.jpg]

You look into the distance and see planes torn apart by gunfire, their debris raining down over London. In war-torn France to the east, horrible armored tanks tear holes in walls as they roll through crumbling cities. To the south, past the burning Italian coast, men charge over the sand dunes of the Arabian Desert, armed to the teeth with the most powerful weaponry the world has ever seen. This is what the dawn of all-out war looks like, and it's Only in Battlefield 1.
Battlefield 1 is releasing worldwide on October 21, 2016 for Xbox OneOrigin on PC, and PlayStation 4 but you'll be able to get your hands on it much sooner. More on that in a minute.

With Battlefield 1 we set out to create some of the largest create, most dynamic battles in FPS history while continuing to tap into what fans love most about the franchise. One of the things that makes World War I such an amazing era is just how advanced it really was. Almost everything that you know about the conflicts of the next century, from the massive battles across land, air and sea, to the powerful and efficient weaponry, is there. Tanks, planes, machine guns, artillery – a lot of the tech you've used in other Battlefield games was perfected during this era, letting the classic Battlefield DNA shine through.
You'll be able to join in massive 64-player battles and experience unexpected Only in Battlefield moments in a setting where the old world was destroyed, giving way to the new one. We're turning destruction up a few notches too, so expect some surprises when you hit the battlefield. 

[Image: rendition1.img.jpg]

If you're eager to go hands-on with Battlefield 1 you won't have to wait too long. During the EA Play events on June 12 in Los Angeles and London, we'll reveal the first gameplay footage and let attendees try the game for themselves. Register and make your way to those events, and you'll be able to play the game before pretty much anyone else.
EA Play won't be your only opportunity to play before release, though. There will be more chances in the months that follow, including an Open Beta (which you can get into a little earlier if you sign up for Battlefield Insider). EA Access and Origin Access members will be able to play for a limited time before the release date, too. And if you pre-order the Early Enlister Deluxe Edition, you’ll be able to start playing on October 18, three days before the release date.

[Image: rendition1.img.jpg]

Excited? So are we. We'll have a lot more information in the coming weeks. In the meantime, circle the date on your calendar:Battlefield 1 is releasing on October 21 for Xbox OneOrigin on PC, and PlayStation 4

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In an interview with Eurogamer, DICE producer Aleks Grondal was willing to answer some of these questions, and explain DICE's decision to use World War 1 as a setting in the first place. Oh yeah, and why is it called Battlefield 1? Let's find out.

Why did you decide to set the game in World War 1?

Aleks Grondal: We wanted to provide some really new gameplay opportunities. And we wanted to challenge ourselves. We had made a few games set in the modern era, quite a few in a row. We thought this setting had so much cool stuff in it, and it fit our needs. Also, it shouldn't be a secret that this is for some people in the studio an idea they wanted to do for at least 10 years.

How will having a World War 1 setting enable different gameplay?

Aleks Grondal: There are new experiences. We'll have furious cavalry charges on horses next to tanks, next to bi-planes. There's this juxtaposition of the old stuff and the really new things, which creates interesting gameplay flavours for us.
The other part is the hardware this era provides are all very unique. They were all created for a specific purpose. We can use that to create some cool gameplay. For example, the light tank versus the heavy tank, where the light tank actually had the rotating turret, and another tank is just on tracks and it has turrets on the side. All that creates different types of gameplay flavour on vehicles.

And the same thing applies to weapons. All the light machine guns were very different. We can create unique gameplay flavours with light machine guns and heavy machine guns, that people probably didn't carry but we will allow them to carry them anyway because it's really cool.

Why are you calling this Battlefield 1?

Aleks Grondal: We wanted to portray the dawn of all out war. All out war is what the franchise is all about. That's been the case since Battlefield 1942. We also wanted to say this is the genesis of modern warfare. We felt that was an appropriate title for it.

Given you're calling it Battlefield 1, is this a reboot?

Aleks Grondal: I wouldn't call it a reboot, because we're building upon what we built before with Battlefield 4. Technically and gameplay wise we're building upon Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline, and the technology Battlefront has. That just keeps on rolling forward.

So I wouldn't call it a reboot. That seems like an overstatement, because that assumes we would require a reboot, which we don't. The franchise is really healthy and we want to continue growing it.

When Battlefield 1's main image was leaked some thought it looked like a fantastical representation of World War 1. Are you going for authenticity or are you taking artistic license?

Aleks Grondal: We are going for authenticity to some degree, but there's always fun over authenticity. That's always what we do with Battlefield games. We do take creative liberties.

But speaking about the key art, that actually recreates something very authentic. The stuff he's wearing is all authentic to the era. We wanted to make sure when you see it that it felt like something different, I haven't seen this before, what is this? That's what that image is supposed to do. You can start de-constructing the image and finding little details about what this game is about. I've been following it on Reddit. It's quite interesting to see all the theories.

We also wanted to signal that this is a fresh take on The Great War. We're not making a documentary on The Great War. This is a fresh take. This is a take we're applying our DICE flavours to the era and the setting. That's really just a backdrop for what the game is in the end. The game should be awesome by itself. It just happens to be World War 1.

So we're not talking about alternate history then? This is grounded on earth in actual countries and places and times and events we're familiar with?

Aleks Grondal: Exactly. And the places you go and the scenarios you get to play are inspired and sometimes even based physically on the location where they took place. We're using technology to capture the actual locations and use them as a baseline for creating our maps.
You get to "be there". We wanted to paint as believable picture of those events as we possibly could, within our own restrictions of what Battlefield is.

You have a class-based structure now. Why did you go down that route?

Aleks Grondal: Yes, we have Assault, Medic, Scout and Support classes. And then we have the additional vehicle classes, which are dedicated classes for the type of vehicles. We have a Pilot class and a Tanker class.

The idea with those is that you should be playing the main weapon of the tanker, which is the actual tank. And that's the weapon you pick for it. We want you to dedicate yourself to being in the role you choose to be. We think there's a strong fantasy in that. That allows us to create more unique flavours on the different classes and the gameplay around them - what kind of equipment they bring with them into the battlefield compared to the other classes. They have their unique weapons and gadgets they bring in.

What we're facilitating is teamwork. Playing as different classes - it doesn't have to be like one is playing Support, one is playing Medic, one is playing Recon. That's not really the point. The point is you should construct your group towards the type of situation you're in. Some situations, there might be a lot of vehicles. Okay, you need a lot of explosives and maybe you need a Medic to support you.

It's all about making those choices when you deploy. It's all about that. Making the choices and adapting to the situation. We want you to feel like you're contributing.

The horses are getting a lot of attention. Do they act like vehicles on the battlefield?

Aleks Grondal: This is the first mount we have ever built in a Battlefield game. So we're bringing a new dimension to the vehicle selection. This is something quite new for the franchise. That's as far as I can take that right now! But it's pretty exciting. You can speculate a lot from what you've seen. The answers will become clear. Yes, they will play a central role.

I have an image of 64 players all on horses, charging into each other. In my mind it looks hilarious and fun.

Aleks Grondal: Yes! Yes, absolutely. Yeah. Yep! I can't say right now whether that's the case. But I agree with you. That is an awesome picture.

It looks like you're putting a big emphasis on melee this time. The bayonet charge is a case in point, but are there any other changes?

Aleks Grondal: You can choose from a wide selection of type of melee weapon, everything from shovel to trench maces to swords. And all of these have different types of gameplay effects. They have various different speeds. They can break through different types of material when you use them. Certain weapons break through doors, but other weapons won't. Some of them are slower but more deadly. Some of them are faster but less deadly.

That's the flavour you can play around with. The idea is you'll find one that matches your personal taste. And of course it's cool to take people down with a bayonet charge.

How does that work, exactly?

Aleks Grondal: Firstly, you've got to put the bayonet on your weapon. Basically, you charge up and run. Anyone who gets stuck in your way is probably going to have a hard time. You commit to a charge and off you go.

But if you miss?

Aleks Grondal: If you miss, you really miss. That adds another type of flavour when it comes to the close quarters combat. I don't know what's going to happen around that corner. I'm going to charge around that corner. That's something we haven't had before. The most efficient way would have probably been going around the corner with a shotgun. But now we have a different type of choice to make with these weapons.

And you can hit people on the head with a shovel.

Aleks Grondal: Yes! That is a fun thing to do. They had all kinds of weird, bizarre and really brutal-looking melee weapons they used. Players will be able to choose from all of those.

They made their own and they utilised things that weren't meant to be a melee weapon. Like most of these weapons, they came to be out of necessity. They created them out of necessity, which I think is cool. It's a unique flavour.

You've talked about the game telling multiple characters' stories. But how exactly will that work? Will we switch between the characters?

Aleks Grondal: We're changing it up this time. I can't go into too much detail, but the goal is for you to be able to explore multiple different stories from multiple different perspectives. Think about it like this: if something cool happened over here, and something cool happened over here, we'd rather not have a story that jumps from all around the world. We want to have personal, relateable stories we can tell in a space where they actually make sense to be.

For instance, in the trailer you see one of the characters - actually you see a few of them - but one of the heroines we have is on the horse. Her story takes place in Arabia. We provide different gameplay flavours and also thematic flavours. So it should feel different than our previous campaigns.


[Image: 3031721.png?foreground=%23EEEEEE&backgro...=%23FF0700]
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The new details from the London event have come in thanks to a new video shared by Jackfrags. According to this in-depth analysis video, Battlefield 1 will feature the Assault, Medic, Support and Scout infantry classes. The Assault class comes with sub-machine guns, shotguns and anti-tank grenades, and it’s a class that’s best suited for close quarters; the Medic comes with medkits, obviously, but apparently also semi-automatic rifles; the Support class comes with light machine guns, and supports other squad members by giving them ammo and repairing vehicles; finally, the Scout class is a sniper class best suited for long range combat.

Among the many details that have been revealed by Jackfrags, there are a few additional ones that are quite interesting. In particular, it’s been confirmed that Battlefield 1 will feature more destruction than previous Battlefield games, destruction that will feel much different than before as it won’t be based on the scripted Levolution system employed in Battlefield 4. Some details have also come in about a persistent squad system, which will allow players to team up with other four players and keep them in the same squad.

[Image: 3031721.png?foreground=%23EEEEEE&backgro...=%23FF0700]
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Sounds like squads of 5 then which will be better Smile

[Image: 3031721.png?foreground=%23EEEEEE&backgro...=%23FF0700]
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  • Multiplayer will include the forest of Argonne, desert maps set in Africa or the Middle East, the Alps in Italy and French Villages.

  • infantry classes are Assault, Medic, Support and Scout.

  • The assault is a close quarter class carrying sub-machine guns, shotguns and anti-tank grenades.

  • The medic carries medkits  and probably semi-automatic rifles.

  • The support carries light machine guns, provides ammo to comrades and repairs vehicles.

  • The scout is a sniper class and can use rifles with a side-mounted optic.

  • There is dynamite and you can detonate it with a plunger.

  • Melee weapons include sabers, trench maces, bayonets and spades. They have different characteristics. Some have better reach and some are faster.

  • Takedown animations are very quick.

  • The trailer shows fighters, but there are also bombers available. They can drop ordinance on the battlefield.

  • Tanks that were shown behind closed doors are the British Mark IV (that also appeared in the trailer), the German A7V Sturmpanzerwagen and the French Renault FT-17.

  • Some tanks can carry a squad of five players.

  • The Vickers Crossley Armored Car Model 25 is also in the game.

  • Tanks play and feel very different from each other, with different weapons, speed and nuances, as opposed to Battlefield 4 in which they’re pretty much mirrors.

  • There’s a lot more destruction in the game than in previous games, stepping away from scripted Levolution and back to dynamic destruction.

  • There will be a persistent squad system. You can squad up with four other players (five total) and you’ll always be in that squad.

  • Some sort of weapon of customization will be available, providing different flavors of each weapon.

  • Stationary machine guns and anti-arcraft guns are also in the game.

  • A short clip of someone carrying a weapon while riding a horse was shown behind closed doors.

[Image: 3031721.png?foreground=%23EEEEEE&backgro...=%23FF0700]
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(05-10-2016, 12:41 PM)Chef_uk Wrote: The support carries light machine guns, provides ammo to comrades and repairs vehicles.

They did say that vehicle repairs wouldn't be part of that class , hence the reason they got rid of engineer, wasn't a lot of people running round repairing vehicles in WW1, will be interesting what they actually do with this class in the end.

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