Full Achievement List Leaked
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Battlefield 1 will feature a total of 31 achievements, which can be seen below. Keep in mind that the following achievements are from the dev version of the game, so some of them might not make it to the final version of the game.

[Image: leakedass.PNG]

As you can see, the final achievement is titled as War Bonds and it can be unlocked only by purchasing a primary weapon in multiplayer mode, meaning that Battlefield 1 will feature weapon purchasing. The previous installment in the Battlefield series, Battlefield Hardline was the first one in its series to give players the ability to buy weapons and equipment using in-game cash. Through this, players were able to unlock weapons they wanted the most first.

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If there's one thing that Hardline did correct it was the buy progression system for the guns, I hope that there is a Hardline style system as opposed to the first Black Ops style system where you had to reach a level to unlock, then farm the cash to buy and use the weapons.

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