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( shabba here , new account as old ones no longer )

I was banned yesterday thursday at around 3pm - 4pm on lancang dam map aprox details , what i remember follows ......

I was in squad with PTG spectre if that helps

Ice was admin and people were redzoning but nothing was done Boats ets choppers.

Loads of people were using the N word nothing was done , eventually a yellow message popped up saying be careful on racist language or you get kicked , never seen that before?

Then a guy comments on server rules saying no racism then he joins and sees racist comments

two guys with ARAB tags join squad cant remember names something like jihadi john or something  not sure , spectre is leader they start shouting i mean shouting " alah akabr " " lalalalalallaal " "god is great " loads of terrorist stuff. I am in tank and they spawn in me and start abusing me as i am camping , calling me wanker , noob , faggott  etc etc . I dont turn off there mics as in battle and cant remember they process... this goes on for about 5-10 minutes , stupidly i get wound up (spectre has muted them i belive ) and all i can remember is

Typing in SQUAD CHAT something like stfu camel fuckers maybe some other abuse but all in squad chat as it was just to them.

They continue to abuse me so i give up the tying and see if spectre has heard them , he says he has sound off so i say they were being really annoying etc and called them camel fuckers ..

they leave the squad at some point and a few moments / minutes later i get kicked .

I was not aware that squad chat was deemed as being a banable thing that was monitored etc as i know you can type in non english , which is banable in normal chat??

if i am wrong then oh well  i am sorry

A part of feels that this was a set up by the two players winding me up on purpose to lead to a ban , as the other day i was chatting with jock and i got a private message on battlelog in certain words telling me to Butt out of what goes on in PTG and to mind my own business which was funny as the person who sent that message was not in game, maybe im being paranoid>?

Any way let me know your side of events just so i can see what really happened , if i get banned so be it i am sure may in PTG will rejoice.


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We do not accept appeal requests for racism related bans as we have a ZERO TOLLERANCE policy.  Please be assured that the matter has been looked into by a Banned liaison officer by this stage.  

Thread Closed!

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