Ekiminatorr (You got banned for being a Racist [perm])
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ο Origin ID/ EkiMinatorr
ο Include your ban details such as: 
Date: 8/06/2016 17:10 GMT+1 (so 30minutes ago)
Map: Hainan Resort
ο Your side of the story, in a polite manner.
I was casually playing the game.
When someone said "Fucker" in chat, i dont know to who he was saying that.
So i was just saying Fucker back followed with fy niggar, with no bad intention at all.
I had no clue i would break any rule with that. I was just enjoying the game and i had no racism intentions at all (im not an racist at all).
After that i got banned. When i look back at it, it is a bad decission to react like that. I have seen things like that on other servers so wouldnt know it was worth a ban, maybe first a warning but i guess the rules are kinda harder on this server.
But i also play alot other games like CS, Rust, Arma where i react like that to someone (just to laugh) if he said something like that.
I hope that you can understand the situation and i hope i can have a unban because a lot off my friends play on that server all the time.
It was a bad reaction off me and i certainly gonna read the rules if i get a 2nd chance off you guys!

Grtz EkiM

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We do not accept appeal requests for racism related bans as we have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy.  

Your are advised when you join the server to read the rules.

Please be assured that the matter has been looked into by a Banned liaison officer by this stage.  

Thread Closed!

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