Banned for racism
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ο Origin ID/soldier name in topic title (steam Id if banned on DayZ)

ο Include your ban details such as: the date and time you were playing last on server ie before ban. Also mention which game and which server.
10 minutes ago, PTG server

ο Your side of the story, in a polite manner.
I joined on my american friend who was in the server and I typed ''Death to the Americans'' in chat not knowing it would be seen as racism.
I'm sorry for what I said and won't do it again, I enjoy your server and I have always been on my best behavior in it.
I hope I can get unbanned.

Greetings Timmy

Admin that banned me: PTG_SKALLE_DK

Thanks given by:
Thanks for taking the time to appeal your ban.  Please be assured that an investigation has been carried out thoroughly by banned liaison officers.

On this occasion we have decided that your ban will be lifted.  Reason : After speaking to the admin involved you was ment to of been kicked and not banned.

Please make sure you follow all our server rules while in game (type !rules in any server to access them), also take the time to read the following thread.

Just to note We understand things can get a little heated during game play however we do hold a zero tolerance towards racism, although you might not feel your comment was deemed that way the admin at the time felt it was hence the punishment.

As part of the ban removal process, you will be monitored by our server admins, ensuring that rules are being adhered to.

Thread Closed

Thanks given by:

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