permban for advertising
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hello folks,
i was banned from your server, because i posted the link to my twitch channel while i was streaming on your server.
i didn´t advertise any other gameserver or smth like that.
since almost every streamer does that i thought that would be ok, didn´t know it´s against the rules on your server!
won´t happen again, i apologize!
- origin ID: BavarianBuddy
- Banned for advertising
- wanted to inform the people that called me "hacker" to watch my stream to see that i am clearly not hacking!
could you please unban me? Smile

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Hi BavarianBuddy

Thanks for taking the time to appeal your ban. Please be assured that an investigation has been carried out thoroughly by banned liaison officers. On this occasion we have decided that your ban will be lifted.

We do have rules in place to stop people advertising external links, however you should of been warned 1st that advertising is bannable, However normally the advertising rule doesn't normally include streaming links unless you either spam them or there linked directly to another clans URL

Please make sure you follow all our server rules while in game (type !rules in any server to access them), also take the time to read the following thread.

As part of the ban removal process, you will be monitored by our server admins, ensuring that rules are being adhered to.

Thread Closed

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thank you so much!

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