BF1 Open Beta Class Progress Glitch
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A nasty bug in the Battlefield 1 beta preventing some players from levelling up their classes, has been identified by the community.

There are couple of different progression systems in the Battlefield 1 beta, beyond the regular character level you gain from doing just about anything.

One system in particular is responsible for the level of each of the available classes separately. That means you have to play say, the Assault, for a while to be able to unlock more weapons and gadgets for it. What many players have found, however, is that despite playing the game for hours, they weren’t able to unlock new items for their classes.

Reaching the first level usually doesn’t take long, but anything beyond that has proven difficult. Various reports on Reddit believe this bug is caused by staying on the same server for multiple rounds. The thinking here is that you stop earning points towards your class level after the first round on a server.

It’s very strange indeed, and a DICE producer even chimed in to thank the community for finding the bug.

Until a fix is introduced, it’s best to leave the server once a round ends and join another. This applies to Rush as well, which may prove to be more a bit more annoying if you keep landing on the defender/attacker team in every server you choose.

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