Freesync on non Freesync monitor
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AMD GPU 290/290X or newer
HDMI cable (DVI not yet working)
Latest Crimson Driver 16.10.1
Non Freesync monitor
CRU (Custom Resolution Utility)
G-Sync demo (better than the Freesync one)

Download CRU -

Overclock your monitor in CRU by setting a custom refresh rate. In the Standard resolutions box, I created a dozen entries that went up 1Hz above the max my monitor should be. I then checked using Windows Display to see which ones would work at 1080p, the highest in my case is 79Hz. I then removed all other entries from the Standard resolution box for clarity.
[Image: fnxyqh.jpg]

Set desired resolution and rates. Here's mine, note I've set my max Freesync rate 2Hz below my refresh rate. This seems to be required for more people than not, some monitors will happily sit at the same figure but others like me have had to set it 2Hz lower. 
[Image: 73feia.jpg]

Also click Edit at the top, make sure all three boxes are ticked and put in your monitor's max H and V rates. I got mine from Cnet

[Image: 2cpqhc5.jpg]

Turn on Freesync in Radeon Crimson
[Image: 2myxbo1.jpg]

Test Freesync is working in the demo
Download G-Sync demo -!/g-sync

NB: Each monitor will have it's own limits, after each change, you have to restart the PC so trial and error is required.

Full reading and original source:

[Image: 3031721.png?foreground=%23EEEEEE&backgro...=%23FF0700]
Thanks given by: HooT

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