Looking for a big case for new build.
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hey guys.

im looking to rebuild soon ( AM4 )  and am looking for a nice big tower that can provide plenty of air flow as well as allow me to completely water cool.

Whilst looking I came across this : Corsair 900D Obsidian HPTX Tower PC Gaming Case

Although this is a great case its a little pricey, sooooo i was wondering if anyone has any ideas of cases that are pretty big and would allow a water build and have great air flow abilities. BTW i mean a complete water build not the pre made units im currently using ATM.

My current case NZXT 440 is great however since ive had it i've never been happy with how hot it can get even with the airflow it contains, my temps can rises quite a bit when playing high end games, and even though my GFX is water cooled i can still see temps quite high.

Feel free to link me some cases or pop your ideas down im great at software just shite at hardware builds lol.

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Rotatable drive cages to optimise airflow, and there is a windowed option for those who like that, however if you go with the standard version you can rotate the drive cages to the side to allow for better airflow. 

It also has an SSD drive cage mount in the base of the case which even though it's primitive will allow you to completely remove the 3.5" drive cages and the 5.25" bay mounts and install a nice big rad in the front. If you're comfortable getting a dremel out then you can easily get a 360 in the top too.

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Corsiar 760t or 780t are big and good looking, i think John has 780t

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780T is a huge case. So much space and air flow that I get colder air coming out of the case than that going in, even after 3-4 hours of gaming. It has 3 SSD cages hidden on one side along with a shed load of normal drive bays. It is a heavier case though, comes in black or white, and it is a good looking case.

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SEttled for a 780T in black :Smile

Decided to cancel the new RX 480 as im not happy with the water cooling options atm SmileP

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