Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC Release Date Announced
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The release date for Battlefield 1's new DLC, They Shall Not Pass, has been announced — the French army should arrive on March 14 for Premium Pass players and March 28 for non-premium players.

Here are the features coming with They Shall Not Pass.

French Army

Somehow left out at release, the French Army will be marching its way into Battlefield 1 with the coming expansion on March 28.

Many were not happy with the French being sidelined and many threatened to boycott the game until they were released. Even before the game officially launched, DICE was forced to announce details about their first DLC for damage control.

New Elite Class

The Trench Raider Elite Class makes its way onto the battlefield in the coming DLC. The class features a Raider Club melee weapon, but possesses a powerful grenade arsenal to dispose of grouped enemies within the trench lines.

New Game Mode

They Shall Not Pass will also include a new game mode: Frontlines. The mode will be more of a push-and-pull style where both teams fight over the objective. Once an objective is captured for your team, the point will move towards the enemy spawn and vis-versa.

New Weapons

Ribeyrolles 1918 — Assault
RSC M1917 — Medic
Lebel Model 1886 — Scout
Chauchat — Support
Sjögren Inertia — Assault

New Maps

There will be four new maps to fight through in the new DLC — from a fiery uphill battle in Verdun Heights to the once tranquil village of Soissons.

Verdun Heights
Fort de Vaux

New Behemoth and Tank

As speculated previously by many players, a new Behemoth lords itself over its enemies. The Char 2C — a French machine of war — is heavily armored and ready to impose its dominance on the battlefield.

Another new land vehicle will make its mark on the warzone — the St. Chamond. The Allied tank should be playable in all new maps. The St. Chamond was one of the most heavily armed tanks of the war. What's more, you can call in artillery strikes on your position with carrier pigeons.

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