Questions & Answers with [PTG] Admins.
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Got a Burning [PTG] Bans question?

Then this is the thread for you!

Please feel free to ask questions in this thread. We will answer your questions and move important ones into the title topic so that every one gets a chance to see what people are thinking. If you wanted to ask it, then its most likely someone else is thinking exactly the same!!

THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO ASK QUESTIONS RELATING TO SPECIFIC BANS - If you are talking about your ban specifically, please make your own thread. Ban Disputes placed here will be deleted without answer.

Q: Do your admins base decision on evidence before banning a player?
A: Since BF3 does not include a recording demo of gameplay, it is not possible to actually get conclusive evidence against hacking. Our admins although are required to be very sure by viewing stats on sites such as bf3stats and battlelog profiles to look for abnormal stats with weapons such as headshot/kill percentage, abnormal score per minute (it depends upon the gametype played by player as a soldier who plays rush all time can have a normal score per minute of upto 1.5k while for someone playing only conquest it can be around 900 at max. Higher is possible but suspicious. (these are just 2 examples). They also discuss what they are witnessing from the accused along with other admins where possible. Our admins then build up a picture and from that they base their decision. 90% of the time they get it right but without the ability of a battle recorder, some mistakes can occur.

Apart from suspected cheat, reasons such as abuse in chat, team abuse in gameplay, glitching, will require the admin to inform you and other admins in reply to your dispute thread about your activity which led to the ban. He must show that the kill/kick rule was followed and the accused player was given sufficient warning.

Q: How do you determine whether I am innocent or guilty once I have posted a dispute?
A: The evidence against you will be acquired from the admin who banned you and distributed to a clan council member or a few experienced admins. It will then be thoroughly reviewed before the admins come to a conclusion. A good way to discuss will be to pop in our mumble and discuss it with them to provide speedy decision.

Q: Do you allow others to see the evidence or chat logs?
A: No. Unfortunately logs can contain sensitive information such as internal admin chat, soldier names of various players present at time of ban, and so on. We therefore will keep and discuss these facts internally only.

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