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Our admins maintain high standards and are subject to guidelines when going to extreme punishment i.e. Banning a player permanently from our servers. The reason of ban can be - Suspected cheating, confirmed cheating, hacking, abusing players/admins, suspected stats and glitching on our servers.

Team killers and players caught in - team abusing activities (such as vehicle hoarding) can be banned after a certain amount of warnings including kills and kicks.

If you have been banned for any of the above reasons or any other reason and you feel it was unfair and would like to appeal an admin's decision then please create a new thread. Please make sure to always include the following information before posting a polite dispute in this forum section:

ο Origin ID/soldier name in topic title (steam Id if banned on DayZ)
ο Include your ban details such as: the date and time you were playing last on server ie before ban. Also mention which game and which server.
ο Your side of the story, in a polite manner.

We would also like to point out that abuse within dispute threads will not be tolerated. In the same way that abuse is not acceptable in our servers or mumble channels. It may lead to the loss of any privilege to dispute the ban.

If you require any more information about the dispute process or anything else, please refer to the Questions & Answers thread

You may now post your dispute, following the above guidelines. Being polite and honest is highly recommended if you would like to see a positive outcome of your case.

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